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  "Who would have thought that 16 years ago when I was looking for a wholesome physical outlet for my high-energy  3 year old that Monica’s School of Dance  would become our second home.  My 3 children have studied dance at Monica’s with Monica Renwick and her dedicated staff for a combined total of 30 years!!  My girls both started when they were three – my oldest continuing her love of dance on into college, and now my youngest is starting with her high school dance team.  My son danced with Monica’s competition group from the time he was eight through Junior High… As a highly competitive soccer player – going on to play at the college level, he often said that he wished all his teammates would have taken dance as it really helped with his foot skills… 

   I’ve had the privilege of watching my children grow into confident, poised young adults and teens as a direct result of the discipline, focus and dedication they learned growing up dancing at Monica’s School of Dance.   Her teachers are skilled professionals bringing a huge variety of experience and background to the classroom.  Monica herself has such a diverse and sound professional background that all of her students benefit from her professional expertise.  In this world where vulgarity and inappropriateness is accepted as the norm, it’s been a HUGE comfort to me that I never need to worry about whether I would approve of costuming, music choice or actions… I’ve always known that if Monica was producing something – whether it was a Dance Recital, Christmas Extravaganza, or a Competition Number, it would be age-appropriate, tasteful and entertaining (and of course technically awesome!).. NOBODY PUTS ON A SHOW LIKE MONICA DOES!!

   The friendships and memories we’ve built through the years will be treasured always and we all feel blessed to be a part of the ‘Monica’s family’ – there’s no place else like Monica’s…and no one that can do a better job than Monica!"

 Tracy Young


  "Thirteen years ago, I had to make a decision that has impacted my family’s life. At the time, it didn’t seem like such an important decision, but it was. My decision was which dance school I should enroll my children in. I based this decision on the quality of the instructors at the school, and the experience of the owner, Monica Renwick. Monica’s School of Dance provides my girls with a solid foundation in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, theater, and vocal opportunities. What I most like about Monica’s is that she allows your child to experience the complete spectrum of dance. She doesn’t just solely focus on competition 24/7. She encourages her students to experience the joy of performing on live stages such as Starlight Theater where my oldest daughter was selected to be in Annie and my youngest daughter performed in the Music Man. They also perform annually for KUDL’s Christmas in the Skies at Longview Beach. The girls compete in local and national competitions bi-annually, and have been featured in television commercials, and yearly recitals. Their experience at Monica’s has overflowed into their schools as well. My oldest daughter, Melody, is a member of the Prowler Dance team at her high school, and Destiny, my youngest daughter, is actively involved in musical theater at her school.  I am very grateful today that I chose this dance studio for my girls. I know they will reach their full potential at Monica’s School of Dance."

Pam McIntosh


  "I teach for studios across North America but Monica's School of Dance is one that I enjoy returning to year after year.  I love the work ethic, technical training, class etiquette, enthusiasm, and passion that I find in each student who passes through Monica Renwick's doors. Monica is able to prepare those students hoping to pursue a career in the arts, but she also passes on valuable life skills through arts training which every student will use as they grow into adults."  

Adam Cates

World Renowned Choreographer


  "As grandparents, my husband and I fully acknowledge the importance of every member of our family. We cherish the good times and endure the hard times gathering strength from each other. Monica’s School of Dance is like a family to us. Monica is the mother hen, and Mike, her husband, is ever present supporting both his wife and all the “baby chicks” who attend the studio on a weekly basis. We recognize the fact that our granddaughters are receiving superior dance instruction at the studio, but they are also receiving much, much more. They are receiving the emotional support which encourages the girls to be the best that they can be in every venture they embark. When my oldest granddaughter was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, she had the full support of everyone at that school. She received flowers, cards, and most important hugs and well wishes from everyone. Now she has learned to cope with her medical condition, and strives to accomplish all of her goals. Monica truly cares and nurtures each student at her school. Each girl truly feels like a member of her family."

Valeaira Luppens


"Nine years ago we began the process of looking for a studio for our 3 year old daughter, Emily, to begin lessons at. We wanted a place that she would gain confidence, have fun, and strengthen her coordination.  After about a month of instruction we began to realize that what Emily was going to gain at Monica’s School of Dance was a great deal more than we initially thought.  There are so factors as to why this has been such a positive studio for us.

First is the owner herself. Monica knows every single student by name and makes every dancer feel special the minute they walk through that door. Her skills as a choreographer make every dance unique and exciting. What she can get out of these dancers is amazing, and I have never met a harder working person in my life.
Second is the staff. The teachers at this studio have such a way with young children; it’s just amazing to watch. Emily began to blossom under the wings of these phenomenal teachers. They have patience, understanding and a huge knowledge of dance and movement.  Their dedication to the studio and all of the students is inspiring.
Another very positive attribute this studio has for us is the sense of family everyone feels when they dance here. Everyone in the family is involved-the moms, the dads, the siblings, the grandparents—everyone. Dancing at Monica’s is a family affair. When my son started dancing there a few years ago, our family truly had every single person a part of recital and that was so special to us.

We wanted our daughter to learn a little dance and have fun. What this studio has done for Emily has gone way beyond what we ever could have imagined. We truly credit our daughter’s passion for dance to Monica and her amazing studio."  

Carrie and Bryan Harris


  "We have been a part of the "Monica’s School of Dance" family since 1999. We came to the studio when our oldest daughter Ariel was barely 4 and was dancing non-stop around our house. We knew then that she had the "dancing bug" and wanted to get her to a studio where we knew she could learn and grow while having fun. She became a part of Monica’s competition dance troupe for her age group when she was 6 and dance continues to be one of the most important parts of her life today. Our youngest literally grew up at the dance studio and made her performance debut at the tender age of 18 months as a baby elf in the phenomenal production of Monica’s "Wonderful World of Christmas". She also recently became part of a competition troupe and looks forward to her first competition next year. Both of our girls immediately took to dance and I give full credit for that to Monica and her wonderful teaching staff. Their passion, love and enthusiasm for dance is contagious and they help the kids to be continually excited to be there and learn. They grow in their skills each year and have continued to progress on to national platinum awards, modeling invitations and high school dance team. Our oldest daughter has always been complimented on her poise, confidence and leadership skills through the years and again, we credit Monica and her staff for many of those traits. We have a true family in the studio staff and parents and I can truly say that there is no one there whom I could not call on if I was in a bind or in need and they would come running. We think of all the kids as our own and all work to ensure that they are well cared for, while learning and growing in their individuals talents. We have found lasting friendships with the families and staff that we treasure and truly consider many of them amongst our closest friends. At Monica’s our girls have been taught, motivated, lead and most of all loved for over 11 years and we are so very grateful to Monica, Mike and the awesome staff of teachers for all that they have done and continue to do for us and our girls. Thank you Monica’s for being such an important part of our lives."

Shawna and Keith Frazier


"What a wonderful discovery I made almost ten years ago… I initially came to Monica’s to find a physical activity for my daughter to participate in. Not only has she gained the physical with her dance but also the discipline, confidence and drive to do her best in all she does.  It has been a life experience. I know it and love it! Monica and Mike are so kind and generous and are awesome at what they do! In addition, they have the most talented and loving kind staff.
My family too has enjoyed seeing the wonderful productions the studio does – recitals, community and Christmas shows.
My daughter has made many friends and has had so much fun!
We love Monica’s!!"

Pam Washington


"We love watching our granddaughter and grandson perform.  Thanks to Monica and her outstanding staff, Emily has become an accomplished dancer overflowing with self-confidence while Spencer has been able to display his lively personality."

Craig and Diane Harris


"We have found a wonderful dance home at Monica’s School of Dance.  We’ve been at Monica’s for 5 years and could not imagine dancing anywhere else.  Monica’s personal dance experience and the knowledge she has to share with her students are invaluable.  Her professional staff of teachers are amazing and her teaching techniques second to none.  My girls, ages 8 and 4, are not only learning the various disciplines of dance, but are also learning self-confidence and learning about teamwork.  They truly look forward to the time they get to spend at the studio.  Our entire family has made some wonderful, lifelong friendships.  We love being a part of Monica’s School of Dance and her entire dancing family."

Holly and Tim Morefield


"Our six year old son is in his 4th year of dance at Monica's School of Dance.  I am highly impressed at the level of skill and instruction he is receiving.  Having been a past ballet dancer in a ballet company myself, I expect a high level of instruction and attention for the students.  Monica not only provides the highest level of teaching, she also cares deeply for her students.  Monica has students from all over the metropolitan area and they learn many styles of dance, acrobatics, singing and acting.  It is a well rounded studio and she strives to introduce new aspects of the performing arts to her students."

Cathy Jolly


"I started dancing for Monica when I was 10 years old.  As a child I remember going to the Kansas City Kings games and Worlds of Fun shows to see Monica perform.  She always took the time to come over to say “hi” and ask if we liked the show.  That personal touch has never changed.  She still cares for her students like that.

When my son asked to take tumbling I knew the only place to take him was Monica’s.  I knew the environment there would enhance his learning experience and the training he would receive there would be correct.  He soon was taking tap and jazz classes also.  My son danced for 8 years at Monica’s.  He says it really increased his speed, coordination and strength in his sports career.

After my son’s first recital my two year old daughter asked, “When can I take dance classes?”  She started that next fall and has been taking classes from Monica for 14 years.  She has won numerous platinum awards as a member of one of Monica’s competitive dance troupes.

I really appreciate everything my children have learned at the studio.  I know it’s a business, but I look at it as more of my extended family.  The customer service there is incredible.  Everyone that works there is always willing to go the extra mile to help you."

Jennifer Runions Fennesy

My sister and I took dance here at Monicas as children, it was a great studio then, and I am very pleased that it is still fantastic 20 years later! Almost two years ago when my youngest daughter Alivia was 4, I decided to enroll her in dance. My older daughter Ariana was 7 at the time and did not express an interest in taking dance classes. I remembered how much I loved dancing at Monica's and decided to check out the preschool classes for Alivia. Monica was very welcoming and even remembered me by name after all of those years. She noticed Ariana and encouraged her to also try a class that evening, and from that day on Ariana has been dancing. That initial visit sparked a fire in Ariana that is getting brighter every day. Monica's studio has brought out her natural ability and she is being molded into an absolutely beautiful well rounded performer. My youngest Alivia once was shy but since she has begun performing here she is developing self confidence and a love for the stage. Monica is great, she takes the time to get to know her students and is a true perfectionist! My daughters truly love it here, learn great dance technique, acting, singing, but most of all they have fun!

Gladesia Tolbert


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